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Sakurai Sho
23 June 2011 @ 09:38 pm

Sakurai Sho

25 | production manager | private residence

Sho was born the first child of a well-to-do Tokyo family. His parents enrolled him in the renowned Keio school system beginning in elementary school, fully expecting him to go on to Keio University and then to great things in the business or financial world. He did indeed study business at Keio, but by the time he was in college Sho was feeling more and more drawn to show business. He knew he could never make it as an actor or an idol--he was too awkward, too unsure of himself, and most of all, his parents would never approve. But he began to think more and more about other ways he could be involved, using the financial and managerial skills he was learning in college from behind the scenes. He thought his parents might approve; after all, the film and television business was an important sector of the economy, but unfortunately they didn't see it that way. In spite of this, Sho had his heart set on the entertainment business, so during his senior year he began to look for jobs in the film industry.

However, things didn't quite work out as planned. Despite his business degree from a prestigious university, economic times were tight, and Sho was unable to find work by the time he graduated. He began working part-time jobs while he continued to search, much to his parents' disapproval. On the verge of giving up, he finally found an opening for a new production manager at Esthete Productions. It was just the sort of position he wanted, at an up-and-coming film production company where he would be able to manage his own projects before long. The only downside? It was a gay porn company. Sho was desperate to move out of his parents' house and away from their constant disapproving looks, however, and the job at Esthete payed worlds better than convenience stores and fast-food restaurants, so he grudgingly took it on, vowing to make the best of it until he could find something better.

Finally self-sufficient and living on his own, Sho began work at Esthete while continuing to look for jobs elsewhere. His financial savvy and almost-obsessive attention to detail soon got him assigned to bigger and bigger projects, and he gave the work his best efforts despite his discomfort. He worried that his parents would find out, or ask to see his work, but in reality they didn't contact him much at all, and they never showed any interest in his work, which was almost worse in Sho's eyes despite the incriminating content.

Even after two years of working at Esthete, Sho still feels incredibly uncomfortable with producing porn. He respects the actors, but he never knows quite how to properly interact with people whom he often sees having various levels of kinky sex on camera. However, he does feel a sense of accomplishment when a project finishes on schedule and under budget and all the actors and staff members and crew members can congratulate each other on a job well done. He has mostly stopped looking seriously for other work, although he still tells himself that it's temporary and that he definitely won't be working in porn forever.

Sho is a hardworking person who will go to great lengths to achieve a goal, despite the stress it causes him. He has a knack for worrying, and both at work and outside of it he tends to be the one who tries to think of every detail--especially every detail of what might go wrong. He fell out of touch with most of his college friends after their career paths diverged, but he gets along well with his fellow staff members at Esthete. Although Sho can seem a little uptight at first, he will always provide an ear to a friend in need. When he's with friends, he fools around and jokes more easily, although he ends up the butt of his friends' jokes more often than not.

Although Sho loves the entertainment business, he still secretly harbors some regret for not taking the other path that was open to him, and he wishes for his parents' approval no matter how hard he tries not to. He doesn't date much--the sort of submissive wife his parents always expected him to find honestly makes him uncomfortable, and beyond a little experimenting in college (with both guys and girls, though he would never admit it) he doesn't really know where to find anything else. And if some of the kinkier scenes he sees being filmed turn him on sometimes... well, he tries not to think about it.